[WIP] Carmen Sandiego - Game Jam 3

Hi, this is my entry… but it is not playable :sleepy: it was supposed to be the classical Broderbund educative game from my childhood:

Where you have track a criminal thru countries, updated (no weird ancient countries) and precious Stolen artifacts :rofl: :

It was too ambitious, and I ran out of time and memory and my code is getting messy so I need take my time to finish it.

https://github.com/eried/ArduboyCarmenSandiego/blob/master/gamedata.xlsx <- that is all the gamedata I want to put in the game, so any tip will be welcomed :smiley:


I haven’t even loaded the game and it’s already made me find out what a Pythagorean cup is :P

(Also nice to see some of my helper code being useful in other people’s games.)


I have just had a look through the code and I think you are on to something good. I haven’t had a chance to compile it - what sort of mem usage are you running at?

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Dynamic memory is at 100% :confused: I got help from @Pharap, but I’ll continue tomorrow


Obviously the hints about each country and city ‘the most populated city on earth’ is really important as this is the learning part of the game. Maybe you should look at text compression algorithms? Or alternatively, tokenise the phrases yourself and expand them as needed … I saw ‘hair’ in a lot of the people descriptions,

Actually, that world map would compress nicely using the standard drawCompressed(). The titles less so but they may also come down a little. If you compress everything, then you will only use one draw…() routine which will help lower memory. Also will SpritesB help?

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