[WIP] Choplifter Remake

(Simon) #1

One of my favourite Apple ][ games, Choplifer.

Chop_01 Chop_04

Chop_02 Chop_03

Coming soon!

(Jack) #2

Awesome I used to play this religiously. Thanks

(Kevin) #3

I looooove this game. I had a version on qbasic I played constantly!

(Simon) #4

If you want a sneak peek … >

(fred ) #5

Just curious. Did you remove the USB stack for memory? After I installed this I can not upload any other code to my arduboy?

(Scott) #6

Try holding the UP button when powering on the Arduboy. This will enter “flashlight” mode, which should allow you to upload a new sketch.

(fred ) #7

Nevemind. did the flashlight method and it fixed it and I learned something new. :slight_smile:

(fred ) #8

Thank you. Just found that on the forums. :slight_smile:

(Simon) #9

I am glad you got it going again … and no, I did not remove the USB stack.

The game is coming along but like always I am running low on memory - this time RAM not Progmem.

(fred ) #10

I used to play this game on my commodore. It is looking great! Can’t wait to play the finished game.

(Simon) #11

Thanks for the feedback … but forget Choplifter, have you seen Karateka?

(fred ) #12

I saw your post before. I’ll check it out. Looks awesome!

(Simon) #13

Great. As detailed in the post, I am looking for feedback on game play and bugs.

(Simon) #14

I have released the game here > Choplifter V0.9