[WIP] Circus Game


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.Arduboy download :

Source code at:

Playable online at:

I got the Arduboy this week, after a few days reading the tutorials and Arduboy magazines and learning a lot from community source codes, I decided to try to code this small project and for my surprise it works!

== Edit/Update ==

  1. Changed the google drive download link to the proper GitHub source repo.

Great effort on building a game that has music, sound effects and screen mirroring for your first effort! I assume you have a programming background on some other platform.

I would love to play this game but I cannot load .hex files into my Arduboy as I am using a Mac. I will wait for the source code to become available.

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This is a classic LCD game isn’t it? I love the use of an options screen!


Yes it was called Ball. Part of the Nintendo Game and Watch LCD series.


Random Trivia: It was also the basis one of Mr Game & Watch’s moves in Super Smash Brothers Melee (and I’m assuming it was in the sequels as well, but I can’t remember).


The true is that the Music/Sound isn’t working yet I just had fun coding the Options menu. Even if this is my 1st C project, indeed I’m already a software developer.

Just updated the links including the source code. Thanks!

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Yes, it is. Since I bought the Arduboy every time I look at it I remember all those old classic LCD games and handheld toys from 80s.

(PS: Arduboy is awesome, great product, congrats!)

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LOL … right, I wasn’t able to play the game (I could not upload the .hex file from my Macintosh).


Exactly. I tried to avoid to call it by full name and creator since I don’t know the rules or boundaries for this kind of homebrew game. I hope it doesn’t cause problems.


Good strategy, no problems so far!

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Technically speaking it’s C++.

The Arduboy2 library wouldn’t compile as C without tweaking, and some of your code wouldn’t be legal in C (e.g. enum GameStates : byte is a C++11 feature not in the C standard).

(Admitedly, it is very C-like since you’re using mainly free functions and global variables rather than classes with member functions).


Good job.
Although being a bit crude, it is playable and somehow I was playing it for like 10 minutes non-stop

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@Pharap Good to know.

@CDR_Xavier Thanks!

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(I wrote a longer version of this, but I decided not to post it all for fear of derailing the thread too much.)

Every language has its uses, its good points and its bad points.

People should learn the languages that they most enjoy and that are going to be most useful to them.

Python is better for rapid development, but for embedded systems C++ is more useful than Python.

(I actually don’t like Python much, but it’s only fair to acknowledge that it has its uses and it’s popular with some people.)

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