[WIP] Dark Under - Dungeon Master clone prototype

I’m excited to try this out. I’ve been wanting to play some RPGs on here. Arcade games are fun, but I think the arduboy is capable of more. This and arduventure are on my watch list.


Its coming along slowly … we have been developing this over the last few weeks and re-worked it again and again to save memory to allow for more images (enemies and items) and to increase game play. I now have all the respect in the world for what @JO3RI has achieved with Arduventure !


wow when will a demo be available?

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Realistically, a beta version (not a demo) could be available in a few weeks time. @gambler172 would you like to be a beta tester??


yes…but only if i get a hex file to upload in the arduboy Manager…it would be a pleasure for me.
you can contact me on
gmblr173@aol.com or here in the Forum.
greetings Walter

here’s a gameplay video captured on device:


Sold! now I need another arduboy just for this game.


Looks dope, man. Keep us posted.

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wow looks more than great

This game looks amazing, cant wait to play it :smiley:

I just managed to snag a green Kickstarter although I feel this is a Blue Arduboy game unless @bateske fancies another special colour run for what’s looking to be one of the greatest titles…

Its getting there … I have learnt a bunch of new and sometimes counter-intuitive ways to say a couple of bytes here and a couple of bytes there. @luxregina has done a great job with the images.


hope to see ä 1st version soon

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I’d go with a slate grey Arduboy, with white face buttons, just to stay within the black and white theme :slight_smile: The problem is that, at this point, our logo looks a lot like the Arduventure logo :smile:

But they scrapped the nice logo engraving for the manga style character so this one could look way cooler and it would give Kevin an outlet for all those surplus gold buttons :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO it’s nothing like the arduventure logo but …



oh yeah, the dungeon and dragons logo resemblance isn’t accidental - even in the title Dark&Under, the usage of the &, etc… I’t’s different enough that I know I’m not infringing, but the connection is definitely there :slight_smile:


I thought it was actually the opposite? they had the manga character THEN they switched to the logo…am I wrong?
In any case, I’m excited to get a black and gold arduboy! :slight_smile:

EDIT: did check their KS update: it seems they use the sword logo: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/903888394/arduventure-on-arduboy-8-bit-rpg-for-your-wallet/posts/2009109

As for Dark&Under, if it comes to that, there is plenty custom engraving decoration I can come up with… This said, I don’t think it’s in the stars: this would be awfully close to the Arduventure campaign, and at that point, it would most likely suffer from severe diminishing return.

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Oh I missed that either way I would have backed it but now I’m really pleased.

More special editions are a bit of a pipe dream I’ve had to do some diy to build my own incomplete tinned Virus LQP-79 it’s an unfinished project that I never seem to get round to completing.

I have some plans for this title also ideally using a special coloured Arduboy. I’m thinking of something along the lines of diy trumps cards based on the bestiary or an accompanying print and play game in an altoids tin.
For reference here’s an Arduboy with my oversized print and play version of Dungeon in a tin:

I see no reason not to expand Arduboy games beyond their limited flash in other formats as long as the core is on the arduboy. For example if a game required a huge amount of text it could have a printable card sized book to accompany it with the arduboy only supplying a page number or an additional card deck… maybe even encourage a user to use real physical dice.

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That’s interesting! if you do so, please keep us posted…I should be able to help with material, particularly because I’m maintaining a game design document that will be converted into a how to play, including maps, bestiary, etc…
That Virus thing looks awesome, do they know about it???

it looks like a loot crate package: https://www.lootcrate.com/


Oh wow. I’ve been looking for an Arduboy game to keep on mine in more permanent terms. I would hit the download button on the completed version of this with the force of 1000 suns.