[WIP] DDRBOY (Dance Dance Revolution)

WIP DDRBOY is a clone of DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) for the Arduboy!

Here is a demo of it in action:

The game, as of this point, lacks music. It focuses more of reflexes, and your ability to keep up with the buttons.
It is super intense and never gets boring because its so addictive!

I have the github here so you can compile it for yourself:


  • add music (leave suggestions on how I should implement this)
  • still thinking about it… let me know!

Please report issues or suggestions so I can do a full release when its polished :smiley:

UPDATE 1 - added some sound support and a difficulty selector


This is exceptional. I think once you decide on how you’d like to incorporate music, you should create a menu to choose between a few different songs. Then, maybe offer a few different levels of difficulty.


This is a really great start! Since there’s no real dancing there it reminds me even more of Beatmania instead, which is a game i played a lot of! Good Job so far :wink:

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