[WIP] Desolate - A remake of the TI-83 plus game

A while ago I discovered this fun little game for the TI-83 calculator called Desolate. There is even a port for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

I thought it would be a cool game to port to Arduboy. But more like a remake with smooth pixel animations and better controls.

It’s still a work in progress (about 2/3rd done I’d say) but I think it’s pretty playable as a game demo to play through a part of the game. So here’s a demo version. Feedback is appreciated.

desolate-arduboy-demo-3.hex (70.7 KB)


  • D-PAD - walk around / move cursor
  • A-button - change control / cancel button
  • B-button - action button / ok button

Note. In this demo you can’t find the weapon yet.

Things left to do:

  • add proper title menu
  • add save option
  • add weapon
  • add aliens
  • add game end
  • tweak big alien sprite
  • add sound

Edit: updated hexfile to demo release 0.3


This looks really good. I love the graphics and see you have kept them in line with the originals.

Will you have enough memory to complete it? I really hope so.

Thanks! This version contains all the levels and most of the texts already and is about 24K (and still has the USB code). I think I can complete it without tigtht optimisations.


Individually written characters with center aligned text! :open_mouth:

Damn dude this game is awesome! I wonder is there a way or reason to show if something is interactable? Like a little glint or sparkle or maybe blinks once every 10 seconds? Also maybe when you pick up the data reader then it would disappear off the table?

But wow otherwise this is a masterpiece! And this is all in 32k?

I have been playing this a while now. I must admit, I cannot make it to level 2 :frowning:


Thanks. Good to hear you like it.

I think that would spoil some of the fun and surprises. (you’d look only where a sparke would be and you wouldn’t get the surprise of finding somthing or not)

You can get the level 2 access code. All I can say is you’ve learned the skills in the 1st room :wink:

I have got well past level 2 now … but I am not sure where to get the weapon from. I get blocked as its ‘not safe’ :slight_smile:

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Well done you’ve completed the demo version. I hid the weapon in this demo version so you can’t pass that room. Otherwise you could complete the whole game without aliens and that’s no fun.


It’s cool! It’s one of the most story driven games I’ve seen yet for the Arduboy I think? Mystery!


Minor nit: use of “it’s” instead of “its” in the intro text for a possessive.


Very minor nit.


Yes finally, someone else who cares about spelling/grammar :smiley: I always get triggered when someone says “your” when the correct word is “you’re” for the specific case.

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I’m glad to know I’m not the only person on Earth who realises this rule exists. The pool of people who do know about it is becoming ever smaller.

Probably want to add a ‘not’ in that sentence.

I care about spelling too and don’t mind nit picking. The original text didn’t have any " ’ " in words that need them so I bluntly added them without looking good at the ‘its’ case. Will fix this.


So you won’t mind if I point out when you use then when it should be than? :wink:

Nope, sometimes I need a refresh :wink: