[WIP] Desolate - A remake of the TI-83 plus game

What part(s) do you find hard ?

There is a “cartridge reader” on the table. Press A and you will receive it in your inventory. Go to the dead person and click A, If I remember correctly you will receive a cartridge, go to your inventory and click the cartridge, then it will read the message and it will give you the code for the door.

Updated the hexfile in the first post.

Added a proper title menu with credits, save support and aliens. I’d say it’s about 80% done now. ~1.5K free space to go before space saving :slight_smile:

This demo is a bit more exciting. You’ll encounter some small aliens :alien: and they can kill you :upside_down_face:

The weapon is still hidden. So you still can’t enter the area where the big aliens :alien: start to appear.


Updated the hexfile again. Nothing new is unlocked in the demo. Just a new test release. In this version the level data is compressed saving over 2Kb space. The ending code has also been added. Size is now down to 25.1Kb :smiley:


→ Designs flash expansion module
→ Doesn’t use it

:smiley: :rofl:


I will I will…, but not for this game :grin:


Very cool. I remember playing this on my TI-84 in high school, around the time it came out. Its big draw at the time was the use of dithering for greyscale, although it was very jittery and hard to look at for long.

Oh, I didn’t even realize there are companies making video games for calculators :joy:

not so much companies as bored students and hobbyists


There was an officially released “Puzzle Pack” with four games, so I guess technically there was a company involved, although I don’t know the history of those games. One of the games was Block Dude, which has been ported to the Arduboy, even.
Old calculator games might be the closest analogue to Arduboy games… if the Arduboy had a lower resolution, (essentially) no sound, and the screen response-time of a damp sponge. Between many kids having one for school, and a built-in BASIC editor/interpreter, they got a lot of teens interested in programming at a time when there were fewer options available. It was also time for a nerdy kid like me to shine, distributing games via link-cable like a sketchy trench coat man in a back alley :smile:

Time to blow your mind:

(Before you ask, the Arduboy doesn’t have enough RAM to run a proper Chip-8 installation.)


Maybe time for a mod chip MK2 that has 128Kb of RAM besides 16Mb of flash? :grin:

I genuinely don’t think I’d know what to do with that much RAM.

I don’t know that either. :joy:

Is there any progress?

This game is fantastic!
Keep on the good work!!!

When @bateske announced he will do a Arduboy FX jam soon. I made a little detour to work on the FX Arduino plugin and to improve the Arduboy FX library and update the Arduboy Homemade Package

But I’m now back on track.