[WIP] HANGMAN by serisman - 1.2.0

Hangman.hex (46.5 KB)

I spent a few hours this afternoon and created my first Arduboy game, a Hangman clone.

Have a look at it with the ProjectABE online emulator

Title Screen: title-screen

Play Screen: play-screen

I have the game play working well, but may come back and polish up a few things later. I am open to any suggestions or critiques.

My TODO list is:

  • DONE Refine scoring and introduce a saved high score
  • Refine the graphics
  • DONE Add sound effects
  • More words? (already have 796)
  • Add 2 player mode

My initial thought around scoring is to add a point for every letter match, and subtract a point for every incorrect guess. You would also get 3 lifes to begin with and lose one for every dead hangman and win an extra one back (max of 3 total) for every two wins in a row. Once you lost all your lifes the game would be over and you would have to restart back at zero. But, I may just introduce simple scoring as # won / # lost.


.v.Looking neat.
._.The hangman look a bit awkward (but is totally acceptable)
._.I would prefer all the letters to be capitalied (or none capitalized).
.v.Smart! Having uppercase ones for non-chosen ones and lowercase ones for chosen words.
._.763 words? I believe that is good enough. But it will never be bad if you can fit in more.
-_-HANGMAN is not really a clone. There is no “official” Hangman game. (Bare with my ignorance)
._. Sound? Can’t think of any sound other than button presses and the death ones, but it would be good to have some.

.v. Good job!
._.First word: teaching. Got it with 2 lives left. (two legs)

Nicely done… Why not adding a 2 player mode where 1 player just type a word and the other has to find it?


._.That made me think of the AIRIO(Arduboy Infra-Red In & Out) interface proposal…
.v.That is a good idea!
typing in SWAG…

I second this.

I have many memories of playing 2-user hangman on a little electronic dictionary at restraunts and on long journeys.
(I’d often win because I’ve always known a lot of unusual words like ‘bivalve’ and ‘dizygotic’.)

Thanks for the feedback guys.

Great idea. I added it to my TODO list.

Version 1.1.0 released:

I had an extra hour available from the hotel room tonight, so I made some minor enhancements:

  • Added cumulative wins/losses tracking (with save/restore to/from EEPROM)
  • Show correct answer on loss

I will probably add some sound effects next, and then 2-player mode comes after that.


Version 1.2.0 released:

Well, that didn’t take long. Instead of going to bed like I should have, here is a new version!

  • Added Sound Effects (with ability to turn them off)
  • Added a menu system (can always get back to the main menu with the B button)
  • Moved the wins/losses score statistics to a separate screen with a reset option

If anyone wants to provide better sound effects (or graphics for that matter), I would be happy to incorporate them. :wink:

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Wow!! That is really impressive!

Yes’s and no’s.
Yes, I would suggest some improvement, (and believe me, there are), however, I do not have access to my laptop charger right now, and that meant, with battery level at 40%, it would be sleeping through until I got the charger.
I think a discussion about such matter would also be better with a private thread.
But anyway, nice releases.