[WIP] Huhuu is Hoo?: Entry for the 1st Arduboy Game Jam

Huhuu is Hoo?

Huhuu is the Finnish word for an owl sound, which is Hoo in English. In this match-2 memory style game the player must find matches between animal sounds in different languages. For example, Huhuu matches with Hoo since they are both owl sounds, while Myau (Russian) matches with Nyan (Japanese) since they are both cat sounds.

This is work in progress is for the 1st Arduboy Game Jam. (It is nearly 24 hours late so it should not be considered in the voting for prizes.) It was created by a group of students and instructors from Bard College at Simon’s Rock during May 21st - May 23rd, 2017.

  • Liz Hartung - Pixel Art
  • Audrey Kim - Pixel Art
  • Joey Kim - Pixel Art
  • Jody Leonard - Play Testing
  • Nani Li - Programming
  • Zoe Offermann - Sound
  • Aaron Williams - Concept, Programing



Source: https://src-code.simons-rock.edu/git/Ardubeast/Huhuu (development)
https://src-code.simons-rock.edu/git/Ardubeast/Huhuu/src/V0.1 (Version 0.1)
https://src-code.simons-rock.edu/git/Ardubeast/Huhuu/src/V0.2 (Version 0.2)

Hex file: HuHuuV02.hex




V0.1 - YouTube preview
V0.2 - Added levels and ability to view ‘unlocked’ animal sounds


Very cool idea for a game!

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I wish my college had done this sort of thing.


The graphics in this game are adorable.

I too dream of the day when all the zoos are closed. Even the people zoos. JAJA :laughing:

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Thank you for the nice comments!

V0.2 has been uploaded (including .hex file).

  • You can view the animals and animals words that you have ‘unlocked’ by pressing the B buttons from the main menu or during a level.
  • There is a progression of 8 levels (although no proper ending).

This version should be playable (and hopefully enjoyable!) but there are still plenty of things that we’d like to add as well.