[WIP] #/Letter Pairs, a brain game

They do.
Images where the height is not a power of 8 will be typically padded.

(The dimensions of the image are encoded so I think the value of the padding won’t make a difference because the renderer will skip the padded area, but I’m not completely sure about that.)

It’s likely that your mask is the wrong way round or the padding is being padded with ‘solid’ rather than ‘transparent’.

In most siuations, a bit mask uses 0 (black) for ‘solid’ and 1 (white) for ‘transparent’,
but for whatever reason it’s the reverse on the Arduboy,
1 (white) for ‘solid’ and 0 (black) for ‘transparent’.

Oh, and if you’re using an external mask,
the external mask doesn’t need its dimensions encoded at the top, it pulls them from the non-mask image.
Leaving the dimensions in the mask would cause the mask to be corrupted slightly, so they’ll need to be removed.


SUCCESS! Thank you so much, @Pharap!
once you helped me figure out that a multiple of 8 doesn’t mean the pixels image has to be a multiple 8 and could use transparency padding. i was like oh right
once I figured that out, i built the spritesheet vertically with vertical transparent spacing, named the filename.png properly, and team args converter worked like a charm.

this is really good, I think its all downhill from here.

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If you aren’t sure how the image format works, here’s a diagram @emutyworks made ages ago that I like to keep around.



To be completely clear, dark squares correspond to 0 and bright squares correspond to 1.
Following that you should be able to see that the most significant bit (left hand side) ends up at the bottom of the column in the image.