[WIP] Lode Runner

Who remembers Lode Runner from BITD?

I am thinking this could be a create game for the Arduboy but the screen resolution might be wil be an issue. I want to keep the exact levels from the original so maybe the screen will need to scroll both up / down and sideways.


I like this game. Particularly the wonderswan version.

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Was never a huge fan of this game but heck ill play it.

I am playing with the game’s layout. I am keen to have the same levels as the originals and they are (of course) much bigger than the screen will accommodate so I will need to scroll. What are peoples thoughts on the scroll bars showing your current position relative to the entire level?

Useful or too fiddly?

And yes, the player will run properly when I get to it.



I don’t think the scroll bars are necessary if the scenery stops moving with the player centred like in the gif.


There’s no need for them. They’re actually quite distracting. When they move

Is the scroll speed good? My concern would be overshooting ladders to easily.

Dude. You are a game making factory!!!

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Yeah, I think the scrollbars are unneeded, maybe that border can move with the stage to signal the borders just as a visual reference (the dotted lines)

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This is what I was thinking, having the dotted line around the perimeter.

The player is going to move one full tile each time so he will stop directly below a ladder (unless you hold the button down to continue on).

This is all the prototype does so far! Long, long way to go.

I am not sure I follow. Have the dotted lines appear when you are at the edge of a level?

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No border the whole level
so if your bottom left you will have dots to left and floor.

If middle just dots on bottom

If upper right dots to right and top.

Did that make sense?

Edit flipping autocorrect :joy:

Edit actually I think you had it…

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Slowly getting the player’s movements in place. Of course, its slower than this GIF!



Couple of glitches to iron out … but I want to get the movement correct before moving on. I thought it would be really simple - being grid based - but the original allows you to move do things like jump off the ladder at any stage as you move from one block to another.

Another teaser …


awesome work on the project!
What are you using to mirror and record video?

I am using sim-avr for the Arduboy.


Hi, I’m glad this is useful to someone. There are definitely advantages to using an emulator which can attach to standard IDE debug tools via GDB but I didn’t put more work into sim-arduboy because I thought nobody used it especially after the web emulator became available. What made you choose sim-arduboy?

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Thanks @dxb … its really convenient for me. I have used your emulator since before the web emulator became available. I use VSCode to develop and build executables locally and quickly test them. This is much easier and quicker than running ProjectABE locally.

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The only reason I haven’t used simavr-arduboy is because last I checked it was hard/impossible to get working for Windows 8.1, otherwise I’d prefer it because I can use it without the internet and it doesn’t eat browser tabs.

(I vaguely remember mention of a possible SDL2 version, but I don’t remember it actually getting off the ground.)

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