[WIP] Maze of Doom - 1 bit FPS

(Simon) #21

That looks amazing! Nice work.

(cyril guichard) #22

Wow, I completely forgot about it, but yeah, indeed (and loved the game too!) - a friend of mine also mentioned the cabinet art for Xybots, which I also played a lot.
It’s funny how one may have “direct” references, but how “indirect” reference unconsciously also inform one’s creations :slight_smile:

(James) #23

This looks so awesome! could we get a bit of a sneak peek, err eavesdrop on the soundtrack?

(Loaxx) #24

Dude awesome when does it come out also does it have sound?

(Holmes) #25

Wow. My jaw is on the floor. This is beautiful.


Demo hex file or it didn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(cyril guichard) #27

Dude!!! :slight_smile: you have an un(whatever is the english term)edited file as a gif!!! this is the real deal… However, there’s a lot we need to figure out before release :slight_smile: …seems we hit a big bottleneck

(Simon) #28

Progmem, RAM or performance? All three will hit this - and every serious Arduboy game - at some stage through development! Hope you fight through it :slight_smile:

(cyril guichard) #29

Not performance…but we are running out of space for a legit game/experience…stay tuned!

in the meantime, if anyone knows Processing, and most importantly how to access low-level openGL routines, I could use some help with a very similar project > https://discourse.processing.org/t/texture-transparency-problem-with-p3d/641/2


It was worth a try :blush:

(Michael Gollnick) #31

Very nice work. Really good graphics and the handling looks very smooth. Great work. Can’t wait to play it.

(Simon) #32

How is this progressing? Apparently FPS and raycasing is the new black.

(Ignacio Viña) #33

We are working on it, unfortunately we will have to cut back some of the things that we thought at first because we are almost 100% progmem.

(Michael Gollnick) #34

Hope you do not need to cut off much because it looks amazing what you did!

(Pharap) #35

I could have a look to see if I could find you some progmem savings if you want?

That was my main purpose on D&U so I’ve ended up being quite good at it.

(Simon) #36

I agree - @pharap was invaluable when we were developing D&U! A fresh set of eyes might save you some desperately needed memory.

(Ignacio Viña) #37

Thanks for the offer. The biggest progmem problem is the amount of images and masks we have. The raycasting engine could be optimized in memory but at the expense of speed.

(Pharap) #38

If you’re sure.

I think you’d be surprised at some of the possible optimisations though.
For example, many switch statements can be exchanged for progmem array lookups, which often end up both reducing memory and increasing speed.

There’s also small stuff like reorganising instructions and replacing some of Arduino’s macros like abs with templated versions.

(Ignacio Viña) #39

To be honest I’m better doing optimizations and core parts than doing a full game.
I’m a senior developer specialized in image/audio compression (more than 15 years doing these things).
Also, I have released 2 libs for Arduboy (Ardbitmap & Ardvoice) to help developers doing better/bigger games. I’m sure D&A could save some memory if you use Ardbitmap to compress images. Did you try?


I hate to see stuff taken out. On the images with masks. if there is a lot of white space/masking. you may want to split them up into smaller sprites. I like optimising stuff too so if I can help in anyway.