[WIP] Maze of Doom - 1 bit FPS

(Pharap) #41

We used Arduboy2's drawCompressed. I don’t think any of us had heard of Ardbitmap at the time.

Do you happen to have any statistics on what the average compression difference is between the two, or what kind of image Ardbitmap is better for compressing? (E.g. amounts of dithering, common repeating patterns)

Likewise I have a library published and a few unpublished half-finished libraries.

(Benedikt Schöps) #42

When will you release it?

(Ignacio Viña) #43

Dithering works bad with both compressors. I don’t have statistics but almost all the images I tested compressed better with ArdBitmap.

E.g. D&A splash:


Uncompressed: 798 bytes
Arduboy2 drawCompressed: 732 bytes (8.27%)
ArdBitmap drawCompressed: 599 bytes (24.9%)

(Ignacio Viña) #44

I did some splitting to save memory, also bitmap compression works very well with white space/masking. Anyway thanks for the help.

(Simon) #45

That’s a sizable difference and I wish I had known about this library when we were working on the game. Nice work!

(Stephane C) #46

@filmote Do you think it could be something we should try on our current project?

(Simon) #47

Our problem is speed not size. I would probably need to do some testing but my guess is that this will be slower than the drawPlusMask() that we are currently using due to the decompression.


Does anyone know when this game will be released?

(Simon) #49

How is this shaping up?

(cyril guichard) #50

Not really good :frowning: I haven’t been in touch with @igvina for the last 3 weeks or so: we hit a wall on the enemy count possible per map and right now the game is just not very fun: we had to cut so much that it’s pretty barebones and not that interesting.
@igvina got busy with work stuff, and since July 1st, I moved to a VR game > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HsT_ju2bVM

He said he would have time to work on it in August, so we’ll see. If he doesn’t, I’ll just open source all my content for however is interested finishing this and turning it into a proper game.

(Nicole Birgel) #51

:cry: I am sad to hear this - this looked so promising

(Reltkaine) #52

just made a custom hardware:::
it will run far better here…

(Michael Gollnick) #53

That’s is sad to hear. I really like this game and I wanted to see it finished. Personally I am working on a similar project and I always like to see that there are at least one or two competitors that are making up similar games but probably with totally different approaches for the engines. Yours looks awesome and fluid with a lot of nice concepts.
In my engine I have similar problems like you have. The number of enemies in the level is an issue and also the number of enemies visible at the same time is an issue (at least in my engine). On the last point I am currently working. The number of enemies I have not yet concentrated on.

If it helps, I’ve had the idea of a kind of an enemy plug. This means you have a slim data structure that has e.g. x,y,index,flags (4bytes) and these kind of “enemies” you can spread in huge numbers over your map. Then in the back you have like 10 fat data structures that actually cover the more complicated and memory consuming parts for a sprite. The slim data structure points to a fat one by “index”. It is just a first idea and probably there are problems which I have not thought of yet. This of course limits the number of visible enemies and also causes the state of some enemies to start over again but it may saves RAM.

So for the sake of competition and because I really like to see this game come to life I hope you will continue your efforts to make this game happen :yum:

(Pharap) #54

I’ll be ready to host it on the Garage Collective GitHub if need be.

The typical name for that technique is the flyweight pattern.

(Michael Gollnick) #55

Wow, thanks. Did not know this. So it looks good for the idea then :smiley:

(Michael Gollnick) #56

@pharap Looks like you have an answer to most of the programming questions. Like an Alexa for programmers.

Or a rubber duck

I really appreciate this!

(Pharap) #57

My secret is reading.

The more time you spend online reading articles about programming techniques, the more problems you can solve.

(I post a lot of the things I find useful here.)

I am a strong advocate of rubber duck debugging.
(See here, here and here.)

(Miloslav Číž) #58

At my uni students release rubber ducks into a fountain after graduation, as a reference/thank you to rubber duck debugging. ( mine is in the photo too :slight_smile: )

(alan ryker) #59

I’ve been wanting this book as I start my game dev journey, having no desire to reinvent the wheel. Had no idea the author posted it online for free. Thanks!

(Pharap) #60

I’d still recommend buying the book to support him (which I intend to do as soon as there’s room in my bookcase… and as soon as I can actually get to my bookcase).

Bob ‘Munificent Bob’ Nystrom has gone on to do a very interesting book about compilers as well.
(And he’s deserving of his title.)

I never went to uni.