[WIP] MotoCross Racer - Inspired by Excitebike

I just got my arduboy and started messing around and thought I would share my game. I want to do something similar to excitebike for the nes, but I think I would like to make the tracks be randomly generated and you ride until you crash 3 times or something like that. I saw in this thread Ardubike, that someone had started a similar project, but I am not sure if it ever got released.

Anyway, here is my repo. Right now it is just kind of a demo for checking out how my art and animations look. Also, looks like I will need to change the name as ArduBike is already taken. From what I read in the other thread it looks like I need a license as well, I’m thinking maybe the CC0 one as people seem to like that, but I honestly need to read them and decide still.

As I said, I’m brand new to the Arduboy, so any tips or constructive criticism would be great. Really loving this little gadget, and cant wait to get a full game made for it.


Look forward to seeing the end result of your project! :+1:

Hmm now I need to mount a 125cc to the Arduboy…

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Are there any updates to this project? Would love to try out the finished thing!

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