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Hello everybody! In 2007 there were an LCD game called “Mystic Castle”. It was an addition in a cereal box of Kelloggs. When I saw the Arduboy for the first time, I thought it would be great a realization of this right simple game to play on the Arduboy. It’s about to go through a Labryinth to collect diamonds and reach the exit. I have already - created an image in the size of 64x64 pixels containing all the pixels - by hand. Unfortunately I have for my long unfavorable working hours is not the time to concern myself with the game so intense as I would like. I can not learn programming and probably never will. But I know that there sitting outside a lot of creative, intelligent minds waiting for an idea. Here she is. My plan is this: I make all the pictures of all the rooms that might occur in the game. A plan of all the rooms and how you are in what way linked. Then it should be quite easy to implement the idea.

One would only find someone who can.

My question to you is: What do you think of the idea?

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Programming is fun and a great skill to have. Experiment with your idea and impress yourself :slight_smile:

Programming can be a hobby and doesn’t need to be a chore :slight_smile:

If you drew a mockup, can we see it?

Sure . I’ll keep you up to date.

Although the original is called " Mystic Castle " , but plays it on a space station .
The surveillance cameras that airlocks , the robot suit , laser beams and enemy robots .
How about instead entitled " Mystic Space " ?

Here is my Vision

The space station was attacked !
Find 7 powernodes to open the airlock to come back home .
But be careful ! A shot on a power node destroyed this .

My spacesuit will protect you , but cheer you quickly if you encounter an enemy robots !

There is no turning back !
Just the way home .

Nice concept. Since it’s a room by room advancement game and not a dynamic/active fps, it should be pretty easy to build out. Could also make it a bit more Tiger Toys/LCD retro fun.

You should consider cutting up the artwork to make it easier for someone to build if you don’t plan to do it your self. As well as build it out to arduboy lcd spec.

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Many Thanks.

Yes, it’s simple. And that’s why so fascinating. One is fast in it and tried it over and over again. Had I not think so, but so it is.

At first I thought it would be easiest if I make all the rooms. But I think it would be easiest all elements indemnify to build later with the aid of an algorithm or rules of the individual elements of the rooms. This is not a problem. To build a pool of tight spaces and variable image elements probably will take a single day. I will gladly answer any questions. I know the original.

I will create everything important. And if someone wants to contact me to implement it, we will discuss in more detail.

The template I save as .jpg

The Arduboy the screen has a resolution of 128x64.
The photos 64x64.
The original was taller than wide, to make it square was a good compromise.

PS. I’m just about to establish the rules by which the game works …

Nice! There were a few people talking about this kind of game, might and magic style!

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Yes, indeed!

I made an accurate description today.
All picture elements disassembled.
The rules laid down.

I am certainly not the only one who is looking forward to see the result.
I hope it feels someone called to create it

Who has time and desire to build it? - Contact Me

I might if the rule set is kept basic and I can knock it out over a weekend (just need to wait for my devkit first so it might be a few weeks before I could work on it).

Now, its passed many time and subbie are very busy at the moment with his own projects - i have give the Files to Team a.r.g. Maybe he are interested…

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@Blackstripe we received your email and we’ll have a look at it, but can’t promise anything yet.
We’ll do all further communications about this project through mail.

Mystic Castle is an LCD game that 2007 was breakfast cereal by Kellogg’s under the Name XBOX. It has been a collaboration between Kellogg’s and Microsoft. Just before my copy broke I tried to find out how the game mechanics and in the text document you simplified set. The screens I have created pixel by pixel himself, me loosely based on the template. The screen was really bad.

Here a link about


@bateske what I like the most about this post and I quote:


Yes, I know my English is often not very exact. It should say “the LCD Game that 2007 was IN a breakfast cereal by Kelloggs” maybe?^^
I hope you don’t like only my grammatical slip-ups, but the idea and the game. Google translator is sometimes pretty awful

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Wow it’s such an inspiration to see these small game systems that are given away for free, it’s my dream to get Arduboy cheap enough some day to do something like this!

Keep up the good work!


@Blackstripe don’t you worry, I didn’t mean to show the language mistakes, it was about what you said ! A game device in a cereal box, that I found interesting.

I was surprised and never thought that even I still can do something as simple as much fun. So I want to see an implementation yes absolutely. The Arduboy is the ideal tool for this. The program description I have after drafted original device as accurately as possible.

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I just thought of the whole thing to make a contest. What do you think? I would make the manual available and the first of a functional game presents to his feet gets a Tetris Micro Card when it becomes available.

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We have the hardware contest running right now to build the original prototype.

No software contests up yet, but very soon!

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