[WIP] Quest for the Holy Chalice

Chalice.ino.leonardo.hex (72.9 KB)

It’s still early yet, but it’s completely playable and I haven’t seen in major bugs lately so I thought I’d post it. There’s no sound, and it needs balancing. Things like the dragons are way too hard when you don’t have the sword and too easy when you do. Everything’s there though (except the Easter Egg).

2/27 Added Level 4. It has 27 new rooms. But, you must like mazes.
2/28 Added sound. The dragon roar is weak and the finish song is OK, but I think I nailed the rest. Fixed some bugs. It’s pretty much done. Didn’t do anything with the dot though, may come back later, other projects are heating up.



This is super awesome!!

Thanks, I know I’m a little late to the party but this is fun.

:open_mouth:OMG it’s Adventure for the Arduboy. Love it. Been thinking it would be cool to have an adventure clone, but I had other projects I wanted to work on instead.

You’re never too late to this party :+1:


This is awesome, looking forward to when you add sound to it.

I tamed the dragons down and fixed a bug, where on level 3 there was a 1 in 8 chance of the chalice being in a room that didn’t exist. Then I started thinking about things for a potential level 4 and fell into the rabbit hole of maze generating and didn’t accomplish a lot.

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I just noticed you used the rgb led to tell which key goes for which castle, thats awesome.

I had a few ideas. First why didn’t Adventure have more variations like other games? So I’ve experimented with that. Going right on the level menu will select some variations. bit 1 is fast bat, 2 shows a timer when you finish. Bit 4 is always dark. 8 is faster dragons and x10 is meaner dragons. I also added a cheat menu to help test, and I started on working on a level 4. All I’ve done so far is add another maze with an empty room at the end. Not sure what will go there yet. Another castle I suppose.


Thought I’d post this since I had it laying around in case you don’t like mazes.

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Check out the way the top of the portcullis is corrupted when you drop the key. It’s my first buffer overflow! I’m a real programmer now. I’m so proud I think I’ll leave it.