WIP Rayne The Rogue Action Game

Hey everybody,

Here’s a short video of our work in progress first Arduboy game. Hopefully, we’ll be finished with it soon. Let us know what you think.


Looks very cute! My demented brain first read that as “RIP Wayne the Rogue” Also, why is that fish spitting ninja stars?

It is supposed to be a dragon breathing cold ‘snowflake’ at the player. Unfortunately, I’m not an artist.

Hopefully it’s obvious I was just teasing, and there are limits to what one can do given the hardware constraints. You are a much better artist than I!

Really cool concept! Have you thought about having the doorway spawn in different locations? Maybe also the dragon could change sides too… give you some reason to think about each time you go to a new level!

Thanks, we will consider your suggestions.

The death animation is awesome! Looking forward to this game!

Arrrghh I want my arduboy!!!

Cody, please refrain from posting this same thing in every thread. It seems like most of your posts are all some variation of not being able to wait for your Arduboy. We understand your excitement, but it adds nothing to the discussion’s topic.

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