[WIP] SNARL - an arduboy roguelike

I’be been working on a ‘traditional’-looking roguelike and have recently gotten to a point where you can actually do some stuff in the game. If is definitely not feature complete, and there’s still a lot to be done/added/fixed.

I know people here usually just link to the repository, but at the moment, I am only providing the .hex file. The reasons for this are multiple, but amongst them are (i) that I am learning to program as I go along and the code is bit of a mess, and (ii) im still actively working on this and would prefer that other people dont start working on it before I’m done. It will however, be eventually open sourced for everyone to marvel at my spaghetti code.

If anyone is willing to take it for a test drive, I would appreciate any input (especially if you find any glaring issues).

Im hoping to eventually edit the font file to create custom monsters, even though theres only so much one can do in 5x8 pixels.

Added a quick gif of 2 monsters getting hit with an exploding potions…


Just to let you know, .hex files are actually plaintext, so you could have just used Github or Pastebin to host them.

Good to know - thanks.

I had been googling for ‘small file hosting’ and trying to find something which didn’t look too shady…

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I always like a bit of spaghetti code … it shows me that there are other developers out there as bad as me!

The game looks interesting and I will download it and have a go soon.

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Very similar to what I was working on:


Hadn’t seen this, but love how we pretty much have the same interface!

With the recent bump on ZigClimb it got me wondering how this progressed?


@comatsu Any interest in building this with say a 3x5 font or do you think that’s too small for detail?

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@Keyboard_Camper Kind of stopped working on this unfortunately. Got a bit lazy. Will give it another go, and if I’m not feeling it I will just post the code for you guys to make fun of :wink:

@Dreamer3 definitely an interesting idea, but suspect the 3x5 might be a bit small. However if legibility is good, I would give it a try. Are you referring to this: 3x5 Font for those with good eyesight ? Just saw the 4x6 one there - that might be a good middle ground


3x5 is very small, but if you are careful about exactly what characters you use I think it could work. For example “#” was not a great wall but changing the wall character to every-other pixel alternating really helps you see what is walls and what isn’t. 4x6 might be easier, too.

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