[WIP] SpaceBlocks

The 3rd Game Jam gave me a nice idea for a platform puzzle game. But it wasn’t a project I could finish in a week. It’s currently not more then a graphics testing demo. But I’m posting it here as a reminder that I’ll need to finish this game :blush:

The object of the game will be to pick up space blocks (white blocks) and move them to their targets (gray tiles). To move from panel to panel you need to bridge the space with floaters (gray blocks)

  • Frame animation @ 30 fps.
  • Basic pick up (A button) and drop block (B button) test animations only.
  • The moving cursor arrows is a test for map mode animation
  • map mode moving / scrolling in any direction only

Try hex file

Fool around with online


This looks awesome. :slight_smile:


That is such an ideal type of game for the Arduboy: great retro feel with the graphics, easily viewable on the screen and it’s resolution, fun and addictive gameplay, lots of levels can be stored in little memory, awesome. Sensitive, Sokoban, Circuit Dude and the like have huge play value. Well done, looking forward to it!

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Looks like the kind of puzzle games I’d definitely play!


Whoa, how to find time to try all your great games here, this looks really interesting.

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