[WIP] Starfire

I started this two years ago and keep telling myself I’ll make time to finish. :expressionless:

Maybe someone in the community wants to pick up where I left off?

Starfire, an Arduboy shmup: https://github.com/alivesay/starfire


Lots of inspiration and a little theft from the amazing Team a.r.g. (thank you!).



That looks dope AF!

@fredster Thanks! :slight_smile:

My todo list:

  • Power Ups, which charge the “starfire” beam weapon (tied to the meter in the middle of the HUD) and heal
  • Death state/end game
  • Intro screen enhancements (thinking to have the spaceship fly in from the left and function as the menu cursor)
  • Enemy projectiles
  • More enemies
  • More stages
  • Boss(es)?
  • Sound/Music?
  • Starfox-style talky-portrait text boxes with flavor text
  • Credits

Kinda reminds me of r-type, looks great.