(WIP) Super Smash Ardus

Smash_Bros_Arduboy.ino-arduboy.hex (68.6 KB)

This is my work in progress game Super Smash Ardus. it’s basically Super Smash Brothers for the Arduboy. Not a lot to say, but currently it’s not finished, and I’ve kind of lost the motivation to finish it. I will definitely finish it sometime, but right now, I’m going to take a break on the development and work on something new. Sorry to those who were expecting it soon.


Looks sick. I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Don’t worry about your motivation for this game. Just get back to it whenever you feel like it.

Whenever you do, could you add in Snake? It would be tricky, but cool.


Lack of motivation is probably the biggest killer of unfinished projects, regardless of skill level.

Though in fairness, you did pick something very difficult to make, which likely hasn’t helped. Perhaps for your next project you should try something a bit simpler to give you chance to really understand the simpler stuff.

Hopefully you will come back and finish your ‘Smash Bros’ game when you’ve got a bit more experience or motivation.

A Snake game would definitely be a lot easier than a ‘Smash Bros’ game. No crazy physics or gravity to worry about, just top-down blobs moving around a screen.

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Yeah, I’m actually working on a new shmup right now, was going to start a platformer but I decided you probably need a break :joy:

If you didn’t understand my joke, basically you wrote like 50%+ of my smash bros game, and I have a lot of questions about a platformer, though I do think I’m better equipped now than when I made my original platformer post before my first game


I can never quite remember what things are required to differentiate a “shoot 'em up” from a regular shooter or a “bullet hell” shooter.

If it’s going to be something like Space invaders then that’s likely to be a lot easier. No crazy real-world physics or gravity, just basic positions and velocities.

Hrm, in hindsight I think that’s probably accurate.

To be honest, Smash Bros is probably just as complicated as a platformer (possibly more so, but in different ways) and I probably should have steered you towards something simpler, but having someone say “no, that’s too complicated” too often probably isn’t going to do much for your motivation or self esteem.

It wouldn’t be too dissimilar, but it would still be difficult. Partly because you have to collide in all directions instead of just downwards. (E.g. when you run sideways into a block, it has to stop you.)

The AI would likely be easier, but you’d also need a camera that follows the player around the map.

That’s why nobody should ever be afraid of failure when learning programming. Even if you don’t manage to achieve your goal, you learn useful things along the way.

Which reminds me, it might be worth taking a look at the links gathered here:

And particularly this:

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I was talking about Solid Snake from Super Smash Bros. He is from Metal Gear Solid.

Evolution of Snake’s Moveset in Super Smash Bros. (2008-2018) - YouTube

Speaking of which, a Metal Gear-inspired game would be pretty cool to see on the Arduboy.

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Oh, him. I’ve never played a Metal Gear game. All I know about Snake is that he likes hiding in boxes.

I’m going to go out on a limb and presume the other kind of snake would be easier purely based on how simple the gameplay is - I can’t imagine Metal Gear being simpler than that.

Though after looking it up, the original '87 game ran on the NES, so it’s plausible that it could be done on Arduboy. Or at least a trimmed down version.

Never thought I’d say this…but I think I’m going to try :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m probably going to re-do the entire thing, but this time using @Mr.Blinky 's infamous FX library since memory was a problem I had last time.

I think I’m going to stick with one character for now, but that might change down the road :)

Why did my internet just cut out :skull: