[WIP] Traditional tilebased roguelike


I’ve been working on a roguelike for the past couple of months and now it’s gotten to a point where’s it’s actually playable, although just barely.

A short GIF of the current state:

The main functionality I’ve implemented so far is random map generation, movement, melee combat and stats, weapons, some enemy logic, and tiles. I’m currently working on the menus and inventory, after that the game should be a bare-bones roguelike!

The maps are generated using binary space partitioning. I’ve decided for rectangular maps so there’s no “empty space” like in cave based maps since memory is scarce. The combat is loosely based on D&D style dice throws, just something that works for now. Pathfinding is done with IDA* because of memory restrictions. It works well but takes a lot of tries when the path is “complex” (eg. other room). I’ve limited the range quite a lot because of that, it’s ok though since the screen is small you come in range a bit after the enemies are visible on the screen. To fit the UI on the screen I’m using this great 3x5 font: https://community.arduboy.com/t/3x5-font-for-those-with-good-eyesight/4920

Not sure what the story is going to be like yet, but most likely “climb to the tower’s n-th floor and defeat the necromancer and return with his item.”

I’ll be posting updates as I go along!

(Simon) #2

Looks great so far. Gld you found a use for this little font!

(Matt) #3

Agreed, looks good so far. Looking forward to trying it.

I like how you did the walls. It’s hard to convey depth with such small space and only two colors.


@filmote Thanks. Yeah I much prefer it over the default font, thanks for making it!



Got around to implementing some menus. You can now pick up, drop and equip items. Figuring out how the menus should be structured, since there’s only two buttons available. I think I’m going with a “context” menu that displays all the actions possible on the current tile and also has options to enter other menus.


Also switched to using PlatformIO and Clion for development, I’m happy with it and am able to develop faster. Now only if I could debug better. Wanted to check out gdb since I think it should be possible to use it with sim-avr but didn’t get around to it yet.

(Stephane C) #6

Man, this game is so close to what I wanted to work on… I wish you the best to complete that project.

(Boti Kis) #7

Work together on it. <3