[WIP] ZigClimb

(Josh Goebel) #1

Speaking of Rouge likes… I’ve been working on a port/version of ZigClimb.

Yes, the original is a 1kRPG entry, but I wanted to start with something small/easy to get a basic framework built out and see how this kind of old-school nethack might work on such a small screen and with a dpad. So far it’s mostly working at about 16kb flash usage. It’s surprisingly fun and difficult.

I see lots of opportunity for a more complex world, a more nethack like dungeon generator (rooms, hallways, etc), etc. Once I switch to a fully text based screen driver most of that 2.5kb will be free for map and game mechanics - so it’d be quite easy to imagine a Netback like 80x20ish size grid (only 1600 bytes using full bytes).

Any thoughts?

[WIP] SNARL - an arduboy roguelike
Space Cab V1.0.1
(Simon) #2

I am not familiar with the game but it sounds interesting from what I read on the web. Very cool!

(Josh Goebel) #3

Have you heard of NetHack?

(Simon) #4

Right yes … I have heard of that but can’t say I have played it. If you can build a dungeon generator, that would be very cool.

(Josh Goebel) #5

Well this has a dungeon generator, but this one if more of a hollowed out cave with winding passages than rooms with hallways etc. It’s easy to find C code online for dungeon generation :slight_smile:

(Stephane C) #6

I would be so happy to be able to play a rogue-like on my Arduboy. Did you ever complete that port? If so, is it possible for you to release a .hex or .arduboy for it? I used to play Nethack a lot when i was a kid. It was pretty much endless fun for me.

(Pharap) #7

If you like roguelikes then you might like Dark & Under.
It’s a roguelike-like game with a pseudo 3D viewport on the left and a map on the right. It’s inspired by games like Dungeon Master and The Legend Of Grimrock.

(Stephane C) #8

As much as i wanted to like Dark & Under, to me at least, it’s not the same thing. It may be just my personal nostalgia, i just really played a lot of ASCII gfx rogue-like. The game maps always felt like if the were HUGE in those games, and my imagination did all the rest. Just to explain it better, I like DiabloRL (which is a diablo remake but more like a ASCII rogue-like style) better then the real commercial Diablo. yes i may be a freak :wink:

(Pharap) #9

Unfortunately I think all the character-based roguelikes are still WIP.
The only other I could find is Snarl:

There’s Rogueboy if you’re interested in something tile based, though I think it’s also not completely finished.

(Sam) #10

So is it finished? If so could you release a copy.
I’ve played NetHack and had a look at ZigClimb and both are really cool games. I would love to be able to play this on my Arduboy. https://twitter.com/garycmartin/status/748662226458808320
I found this game, which is a bit like NetHack. Though I’m not sure if it’s released.

(Josh Goebel) #11

No, been busy. I should see about just releasing something simple - the basics of things work just fine.

(Sam) #12

When do you think you’ll release ZigClimb. Thanks

(Kevin) #13

The desire intensifies.

(Riff) #14

I’ve put a couple of hours into nethack. But I used some graphic overlays most of the time. Guess i don’t got the geekyness to work myself into ascii. Sadly.

(Sam) #15

Any news or updates? Really excited to play this. :smiley:

(Sam) #16

Hey @Dreamer3 is this still a thing or has it passed? :smiley:

(Kevin) #17

I’m pretty sure he would post something if he had done it. Time to take up the mantle. Dreamer3 is not just a man… it’s an idea…

(Sam) #18

@Dreamer3 I saw you were online recently and I wanted to know if I could download this somewhere?

(Josh Goebel) #19

Not yet. I still think it’s in too rough a shape to share the source. I have been playing with it a little bit as I’ve been writing my Terminal library. Switching to a 3x5 font really gives it a much better feel. So time will tell.

Would you be happy with a HEX file to try?

(Sam) #20

Yes that would be great. Will it brick my arduboy?