With the Gamebuino Meta and Pokitto out, you guys sticking with the Arduboy?

The Arduboy is still half as or more as the other two. Is it a good device to learn on? I know the Gamebuino website is pretty polished on totorials, there’s also a discord server.

I heard that most people only play @filmote games they get from http://arduboy.ried.cl, so maybe that is why.


I have all of them and yes, Arduboy is still the best to learn on in my opinion. I have no vested interests in any of these products, I just like Arduboy the best overall, including the coding, that’s all, for what it’s worth


You got the Gamebuino Meta too?

For those interested in playing games, I think the Arduboy has more than the other two, for now.

If you’re a game designer/programmer, the Arduboy’s black-and-white screen is an advantage: it makes you focus on game design/mechanics instead of spending all day on facebook/twitter looking for an artist to team up with. I actually managed to complete a jam entry, for a change!

If you’re an artist, then you have an aesthetic choice to make.

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Like quite a few people here,
I use both the Arduboy and the Pokitto.

I don’t see it as a “one or the other” thing,
there’s no reason people can’t be involved in both.

It’s not certainly not some holy war,
it’s more of a peaceful coexistance.

Like how some people are happy to dual-boot Windows and Linux.


I own many gaming systems and handhelds, but arduboy with its minimalistic appeal is something soecial. Looks good, feels good and developers put all their heart into the games. There isn’t something else like this.


Hey man, you’ve seen me on all three of the forums now. Gamebuino and Pokitto as well. I just got an Arduboy using the 20% off coupon on Ebay today.

I’m going to start with the Arduboy, possibly get the Meta down the road when the price drops. Excited to learn some stuff!


Actually only two,
I don’t have a Gamebuino and I’ve never been on the Gamebuino forums.

Glad to hear you’ve invested in both the Arduboy and the Pokitto though.

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Does anyone have a makerbuino? And is anyone planning on picking up the open source pocketsprite?

The makerbuino is actually a DIY Gamebuino Classic, the hardware is basically the same, all the programs are compatible with one another.

Yeap. It’s interesting because it has its own design and community. What do you think of the pocketsprite?

I have the Arduboy and Gamebuino META :slight_smile: Both are great in their own ways.

For me it’s easier to make games for the Gamebuino META as I love making big games but I’m not great at optimizing so the extra memory the Gamebuino META has really helps.


The difference?
Think Arduino Leonardo and Arduino MEGA.
I mean you can stay there and never touch that Arduino MEGA, but going up a level wasn’t harm. In fact if you own a Gamebuino && Arduboy things might just turn out to be more interesting than either.
IDK…I will get both if I have the dollar bills. But for now, I am around the Arduboy.
Pokitto was another thing…

Yep, it just arrived

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