Wolf & Eggs

Hello everybody! Decided to try to write a Wolf&Eggs game based on Nintendo &Watch… I drew the main assets and created cartoons as well as a button handler (buttons up/down - wolf left hands up/down, buttons A/B - wolf and hands up/down respectively). Next, i have to write a generator of falling eggs with a randomizer, fasten the score of points and the level counter.
p.s. so far it looks something like this…


Wolf_EggsBoy_mainMenu_Black_mults.hex (40.3 KB)


The hatching scene is excellent!

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Thanks! (:
p.s. slightly changed the left wolf and removed the excess from it… made my eyes a little bigger and so on little things…


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When I converted Fire from the Game and Watch, I spent a lot of time to make sure that the NPCs juming from the building would never hit the ground at the same time as another already in flight. You will probably need to do the same to make sure that eggs are never hitting the end of the ramp at the same time to ensure the game is not impossible.

Alternatively, you can make the time that the egg can be picked up from the end of the ramp multiple frames so that it is possible for the player to get multiple.

Another possibility is to use the fact that the eggs are probably in each position on the ramp for multiple frames - lets say 8 per position. If you ensure that eggs for ramp 1 (top left), are only ever released in the first framecount % 8 = 0 or 1, eggs for ramp 2 (bottom left) are only released on framecount % 8 = 2 or 3, and so on. Then you update the position of the eggs on the same modulus. In this way, the eggs will always be moving at the same speed but slightly different delayed from each other.

Even yet another possibility is to have the eggs roll at different speeds. Now that would be cool!

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first, I want to finish all the graphics so that I don’t touch it anymore and only then I will think about how to move it…

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which picture is better to leave on the home screen?
4. Or wolf with fork will be better…

  • Who is for 1
  • Who is for 2
  • Who is for 3
  • Who is for 4(:
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may be 3… not?

Will the home screen also be the menu?

i think home screen do this:

and main menu this:


Yep … that works!

You can make a poll using the gear menu:


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It looks like the bitmaps you are bringing in may be getting corrupted somehow, they have pixels in different places on the game than your source images. It might be the bit depth, what image converter are you using?

The images @dmtry78 has uploaded are JPEGs, so there’s some compression noise, which shows up mostly as grey pixels on the uploaded images.

If the images fed into the converter were also JPEGs then the converter would have had to decide whether to interpret those grey pixels as being either black or white, and it there’s a decent chance that it might have chosen the one that’s the opposite of what a person looking at those uploaded images would expect.

For example, I ran #2 through my converter and a few pixels on the hand went missing:


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Yes, I see. These images have been scaled down for use within 128x64. These artifacts are the remnants of gray pixels. I have to check again and make sure that they are on the image before converting to hex. Use the Photoshop element program.

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Oh good point, if you are making images for arduboy use a bmp, png, gif, or even a tiff file. Jpg is bad because it will produce these results like @pharap noticed.

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dried up and overloaded (Wolf_EggsBoy_3.hex) the first two screens in BMP are monochrome. everything fell into place. (:

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Wolf_EggsBoy_mainMenu.ino.hex (30.3 KB)
Wolf_EggsBoy_mainMenuInvert.hex (30.3 KB)

  • how is for 1.
  • how is for 2.
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the design of the buttons has changed a little.

Wolf_EggsBoy_4_.hex (40.3 KB)

Not a fan of the square box around the ‘inactive’ buttons.

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