Won't turn on, Battery dead? [Solved]

My Arduboy won’t turn on when not plugged in. When plugged in the red power LED is blinking super rapidly and the arduboy is working normally. I’ve tested with different cables. :worried:

Anyone had this? If i need some, where can i order spare batteries?

Have you opened it to check if a battery terminal has broken loose?

Oh no you are right…
At least i can somehow solder it.
A similar thing has happened to my first arduboy. But there the metal has totally broke of the battery.

@Botisaurus Actually this kind of a failure likely cannot be repaired because the battery electrode that has broken cannot be soldered unfortunately. If you can see there is actually another metal tab laser welded to the electrode that is soldered to the PCB.

If you could please reach out to us at www.arduboy.com/contact/ we can try to help get this fixed for you.

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