World's smalles HD LCD screen

Just thought it was interesting to show,
The Kopin Corporation has built a range of HD and non-HD LCD screens about the size of a penny.
What does it have in common with the ArduBoy?
Well… It’s small.
That’s about it!
About 300 would fit in the diagonal of a modern TV.

Still interesting to show:

Here’s their website:


Is it compatible with raspberry pi???

Is there any practical use for this yet?

Augmented Reality Glasses / Heads-Up Display?


Yeah, you could be right, I though of something like the Google glass too, but the resolution/size ratio simply seems too big to me. I am under the impression that a fraction of this resolution would do exactly the same job in the glasses – just my guess though – there’s a certain distance limit to view the display from due to the eye’s ability to focus, right? So to make use of the full resolution you’ll need some lens, that you wouldn’t need for a bigger display.

I always wanted to play with one of these but without some asic/fpge/soc to drive it, there’s not much you could do with it with a lowly mcu because of the high speed pixel data requirements

Digital camera viewfinders.