Would LOVE to buy any special edition Arduboys

I just hopped on the Arduboy train recently and stupidly waited too long to back the new kickstarter. I am having intense non-buyers regret especially with the updated logo on the back… drools

Anyway I was hoping some benevolent individual who frequents this site may know where to purchase one of these arduventure special editions after they are released. I would of course be willing to pay a premium for this favor so if anyone has extras you could make a new best friend. :smiley:

I honestly don’t really expect anyone to part with theirs though… So I would also be very interested in any of the original Kickstarter edition arduboys. I love the white one I currently have but would love to diversify my Arduboy population. Thank you for reading. :slight_smile:

edit Thanks to a very kind user of this site giving me the heads up my problem has been solved. Look forward to the addition. Thank you again!


I edited the post but just wanted to make sure this is easy to see. I snagged a special edition from a very generous user on this site so I no longer need this favor.