Write, compile and upload to Arduboy without IDE

On the relative scale of things to be concerned about it, getting gum on my shoe for sure would rank higher.

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Yeah I’m running the make when files are saved, not changed. Thanks for letting me know about possible constraints on memory.

For me, it’d be even more useful if I could run the code in emulator instead of uploading it to device.

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I’ll check it out hopefully tomorrow.

I ended up using emulator simavr-arduboy. My Makefile now looks like this:

emulation: HelloWorld.ino
	pgrep sim_arduboy | xargs kill -9
	arduino-cli compile -b arduino:avr:leonardo /Users/[username]/Documents/Arduino/HelloWorld
	sim_arduboy ./HelloWorld.arduino.avr.leonardo.hex &

I just run it again : fswatch -o HelloWorld.ino | xargs -n1 -I{} make emulation

It works well now. Every time I save the file, the code re-compiles, quits the emulator and starts it up again with fresh executable.


Using the emulator for development instead means your Arduboy should still be alive and kicking for many years to come.

I don’t know what the status of simavr-arduboy is (and frankly I’d forgotten it existed),
but ProjectABE has offline builds in the releases section:

The most recent build is 13 commits behind the master branch,
but that’s probably not an issue, and quite a few of those are just merge commits anyway.

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The Visual Studio line up have several useful plugins.
There is this visual micro plugin that allows you to be able to write, compile, and upload things to arduino boards (like Arduboy). Didn’t try out yet after installation, but worth a shot.

For the emulator, I use the one from ProjectABE (which is mentioned by Pharap)
As a pre-release I found a lot of things confusing and buggy.
But it runs your hex file rather seamlessly, and won’t die when you feed it the hexfile with a bootloader.

Without IDE, you can write the .ino file in wordpad or others. (but not notepad, because the latter don’t have indents)

I am not too sure why would one go without the Arduino IDE. It is not a good code editor, but it sure compiles the code (and do the upload part) well.

Maybe your system don’t support?


I’m on Mac, Visual Studio won’t compile C++ code. VSCode = Visual Studio Code, that’s different application.

I just wanted to. Plus I’m used to vi key bindings which you can usually get in code editors, other IDEs but not in Arduino IDE. And I also found it slow.

It’s still part of the Visual Studio suite. You should have Visual Micro for it.


Sure. Mac is still on the other side of the river.

It won’t recognize the file properly (and will show up as 1 line) if you create the file using Arduino IDE because how it ignore line break (or ignore enter)
Wordpad recognize both, and tabbing it is slightly more comfortable.
At least it hold true on Win7 Pro.


Oh that.

That’s because Arduino IDE uses Linux line endings (LF) instead of Windows line endings (CR LF).

In short: blame teleprinters and competing standards.

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