[WTB] Want to buy Arduboy (any color except white)


Hey all!

If you’ve got a spare brand new Arduboy I’d like to buy it, so long as it’s not white.

Please PM me,

To send a PM (private message) you can click on the my user’s icon, a popup will appear and you can click on the “Message” button.

(Kevin) #2

You might want to keep an eye out on our website too :spy:


I got one window on a macro constantly refreshing the secret store page lol

PS: anyone have a spare mint kickstarter edition arduboy for sale? Any color but must be mint brand new not a scratch fresh.

(Jean Charles Lebeau) #5

Hi, i have no time atm to make my own Arduboy so if someone don’t use his arduboy or has make a good working personnal version of the Arduboy in Paris or Rennes (France), i could buy it (i don’t want pay post port) else i’ll wait a future promo or construct mine (i like this idea too as i would make a version with game selector as i prefer not have to upload game each time).

(Shawn) #6

I was bummed I didn’t back the kickstarter to get a few of the colored units, but always hopeful there’d be another run of them.

(Kevin) unlisted #8
(Kevin) listed #10