WTF? Arduboy On Sale at Adafruit Right Now

The Arduboy is being sold on Adafruit right now.

What about everyone who has been on pre-order forever? Kind of crappy to not fulfill the pre-orders first. I’ve been waiting since February.

Link below.

How do you cancel a pre-order?

Like a lot of chinese companies sell products before they are even out. My guess if you ordered from the adafruit website you still will wait. hang in there and show your support.


It also shows that there are 29 in stock. So looks like they have them to be able to ship them out.

I find this very funny. I already got my refund a few weeks ago.

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When I checked after the original post appeared they had 40 so people must be buying them. Either way, been waiting since November 2015 so I’m not about to shell out a higher price when we are so close to getting the pre-orders! And… I doubt the answer is as simple as they got preference on early units. Arduboy has been in the market since the Kickstarter completed. Glad they are finally catching up. :slight_smile:

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I agree, I’m sure Adafruit had a big order with them since they are a re-seller. I’m not mad or anything, I did think about buying one from them and giving it to my kids then keeping the one I get in the next month.

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I admit it’s tempting. But the one month I am now also from more ^^

Ich gebe zu, die Versuchung ist groß. Aber den einen Monat warte ich jetzt auch noch ab^^

If you are from Germany you can get it for 50€ on they even have it in stock.

I’d like to hear the reasoning behind shipping to a reseller before making good on the pre-orders. On the surface, this is pretty disappointing. I’ve only been waiting since June, and others have been waiting far longer. Considering requesting a refund.

It could be that in fact they were a large contributor on the kickstarter so they asked for rights to sell it first. And being a stand up company they have done everything in their power to ship to us shall potato pre-order/kickstarters. Or they could have shipped at the same time but getting to Germany is faster and easier. No need to be so upset. They are doing everything they can to get one into your hands. I personally just got an email this morning saying it has reached the warehouse, and is shipping to me in roughly a week.

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Original Poster here. I just got an email from Kevin (Arduboy) that my shipment is in the warehouse and being processed. We’ll see if I get it next week or the week after.

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Hello everyone! I’m sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier, I’ve been managing it from the back end.

What happened was Seeed studio was our manufacturer and also our distributor and they went and sold to a few key retailers. There was supposed to be a shelf date set that after we shipped the pre-orders that Seeed would then release these units, only after we confirmed with them.

Well, a couple shipments went out early and actually I had no idea that Adafruit was selling these until I saw it on twitter a few days ago. Like I said before, I should have immediately come in here and addressed it but instead I’ve been in contact with Adafruit and Seeed.

I’m glad a few of you have already noticed, pre-orders are now scheduled to ship out next week. We just got our shipment from Seeed on Friday. Adafruit received their shipment (which shouldn’t have gone out yet) a couple days before us and quickly posted it online.

It’s probably worthwhile to point out you’re still saving $10 with the pre-order even though some people have now been able to cut ahead of you in line due to a mistake with our distribution channel. This is upsetting to me personally having started this journey after first buying an Arduino Uno from Adafruit about 10 years ago, I would have rather celebrated the launch there.

I can’t undo what has been done, or un-ship things. I’ve spoken with both Seeed and Adafruit about it… I think in the future we would still like to offer Arduboy from these places, it just got out of the gate too early. It was only 50 units, and I’m sorry that it happened but hopefully we can all relax knowing that everyone should have their Arduboys in the coming weeks.

Running the business is more increasingly taking my time away from the community that supports the project. So it’s something I want to do as soon as we get over this hill of shipping all the pre-orders.

Thanks everyone for your patience, sorry for the surprise, it was one for me too!


Thanks for being straightforward about it.


Does this mean I will be waiting FOREVER

When did you make your purchase?

I’m making Ma purchase today didn’t have time 2 months ago became user 2 days ago and bought it Today

Also is a colour version coming out?

Ok cool I was just wondering