WTF is Powkiddy Trimui?

Discovered this via the magic of twitter.

Radium vulture frosted back shell! Transparent fuselage, fine details, no fear of exposure.


More investigation at – it doesn’t look to be a POWKIDDY originated device.

Oh, there’s an Arduboy used to compare the scale in the video on this!

Nice article, it’s the same device though the link in that article goes to the same ali-express page.

Nice video!! Thanks for posting!

I guess I kind of have to get one for science.

This kind of boggles my mind.

Makes me think if I should have maybe done a design patent after all.

See this is why I didn’t work on making an Arduboy 2, someone else did it for me!

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Yeah but look, theres that awesome 1944 game on his Arduboy… Way better than that small emulator machine ! :wink: