Xmas demo [wip]

Hi guys, here is my [unfinished] xmas offering.


walk left/right, B to toggle the snow and watch the framerate drop from 65 to 17!

If anyone can help with the framerate when drawing the snow, please do. I think that drawPixel is the main bottleneck.

I’d show a photo, but neither my diy arduboy, nor my phone camera are up to the job :-P.

Merry xmas everyone.


socoder.net < thats a domain I haven’t seen in a few years.
Wonder if jayenkai would do a platdude game for the arduboy, or mind if someone else did one?

I’ve been wondering if anyone had an emu so we could produce screenshots/gameplay without having to break out an actual camera.

There’s actually a Chrome plug-in that can help you do that, but my Arduboy Manager 2.0 is coming out in a few days that will include a screen mirroring feature. :wink:

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Just got a arduboy for xmas, i’ve used the arduboy manager to test out a few games.
I primarily use linux, but fired up windows just to use your manager, Digging the package manager sort of vibe.

-edit, completely forgot the bit about the chrome extension-

that looks sort of like a gb link cable sort of thing, but for chrome.
I’m guessing basically you insert a call or something in the game to dump whatever data (pixel data? framebuffer?) to pipe off of the actual hardware and then take that data and recreate it in software on a PC? sounds doable, i’ve got a bit of experience pushing pixels around in sdl, so i guess a 128x64 array wouldn’t be all that hard to mangle.

I’m assuming to a degree the arduboy is event driven, potentially you could just insert an input hook {down + b} to send whatever array is being written to the screen over serial back to a debugger right?

Haven’t looked into it much, but eventually i’d like to setup a decent linux dev environment test on an emulator first, then push to the arduboy hw and send debug info back from real hw.

Definitely! The idea is that you use a serial push of the screen buffer. In the next version of Circuit Dude, there will be a menu option for mirroring the screen to the computer. I will write a little guide for how I did it.