Xmas tree minigame

Here’s my entry for the game Jam. Went for for something simple so I had a change of finishing it Still is short of some sound effects though.

Based on a well know logic game put in an Xmas jacket.


Hex files


OMG. This is awesome!!! Great idea and the presentation is so clean!


Nice decorations.
Wish I’d thought of doing that ‘well known logic game’.
(I wonder how long we can go without anyone mentinoing its name.)

(I’m going to have to stop practising my Japanese, for a moment there I started trying to reply in Japanese and forgot how to English :P. Gomenasai burinki- san.)

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Are you guys suggesting that the name of this game cannot be mentioned in the same way as that game that uses different shaped blocks cannot? This game dates back to the 1800s…

Great implementation BTW


There’s no copyright issue on it as far as I’m aware, it’s just fun not to mention it.

I thought it would be much older, and invented in China, but nope, it was invented by a Frenchman aparently.

It’s more fun to figure it out after you’ve seen it then telling you right away.

If there was It surely is expired by now.

I’m already imagining stacking Xmas presents :gift: :musical_note: dee da da daa :musical_note: :smile:

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I doubt there ever was.

Bah humbug :P.

Semi-random fact: when people refer to Christmas as Xmas, the X is actually supposed to be a Greek letter Χ (chi), which is the first letter of Christos, another name for Christ. Weird stuff.


That’s not logical. You can’t wait for for someone to figure it out but tell them right away :confused:

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I believe it should be read as “rather than”. ie it’s more fun for them to figure it out vs telling them


Oh right. I see the bad translation now :blush: It should be “rather than” as @Keyboard_Camper said.


Or just than instead of then :wink:


Fun puzzle game and awesome video! Looking forward to the compelling/sarcastic backstory.

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The Christmas tree theme on this game is so clever! Wow!

I teach the Towers of Hanoi [said it!] in a course and can now hand out Arduboys and have the students play! Thank you!

PS The game called Spin-Out (play) can also be solved with the same type of Gray code pattern.


I really like this game, I struggled with it at first but I started to enjoy it once I got the hang of it. I’d like to play more games like this, I’m really glad you made it.


Did a little update on this game by adding a greeting card mode. Where you can enjoy watching the Christmas tree and listen to Chirstmas tree music instandly :slight_smile: