Yellow gold back kick starter price

Note I’m not trying to buy at as I’m poor, but…

I’m curious to see how much people would be willing to part with a yellow gold back kick starter as mine mysteriously disappeared, note if the price is right I may be able to talk my boss into fronting me some cash

Though I know there are only 50 ish in existence and the odds of one of there owners both seeing this and willing to part with it are slim, my boss is convinced it’s worthless, and that the tweaker she hired who stole it isn’t a tweakers and didn’t steal it.

The boss needs to reassess some of her friends?

He’s not her friend he is her retarded son’s friend

@curly These show up on ebay from time to time, unfortunately we don’t even have spares left over, but if you just need some kind of Arduboy just write to us!