Yet another bitmap editor/viewer (jsfiddle)

(serisman) #1

There are already a bunch of existing bitmap tools, but I couldn’t find one that would accept a byte array as input. So, I threw one together using jsfiddle.

This is useful to get a quick preview or make a quick tweak to one of the bitmap assets in a game.

To use it:

  • Paste a byte array in the large text box
  • Modify the number of columns
  • Click on the ‘Go’ button
  • As you click on the pixels, the byte array in the large text box changes accordingly

It seems to work fine (for me) using Chrome or Firefox (haven’t tried other browsers).

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

(serisman) #2

The main Arduboy logo:

(serisman) #3

Some characters from the 5x7 font:

(serisman) #4

Boss Knight - frame 1 from Castle Boy:

(Pharap) #5

Completely unrelated, but is that Windows XP?

(serisman) #6

No, Windows Server 2008 R2 actually.

(Pharap) #7

Ah, explains the UI. Neat.

(serisman) #8

Yeah, I really need to upgrade this machine, but there is so much stuff on here that anytime I think about doing it, I quickly find something else to do instead. I went with it years ago because that was the best way to run Hyper-V VMs. Now, you can run them pretty effortlessly directly with Windows 10 Pro, so no need to run a ‘Server’ OS anymore.

(fred ) #9

I’ve got about 80-100 2008r2 VMs I need to upgrade to 2016 before April 2020. Fun times…