Yet another ESP8266 port of Arduboy2 lib. Specially for ESPboy

Arduboy2 lib ported for ESPboy project based on ESP8266.

Thanks to @hartmann1301 for his work, Cheungbx and edgarborja.

ESPboy supports LED, ArduboyTones sound, keys, changing render colors.
The porting of ArduboyPlaytune is on the way.
I have to polish it a bit and add hardware OLED functions emulation like flip, invert and others.

It’s time to add WiFi functions to the lib and make a mass multiplayer game, maybe Catacombs Arena :grinning:

Here is two great games demo. “Mystic balloon” and “Catacombs of the damned.”
It’s quite easy to port any Arduboy game, will write the instruction.


Please let me know in case of any problem with copyrights or licenses with libraries porting and games.
I’ll try to contact every author of the game, which I have a plan for port and get permission.
All credits and license conditions will be met as far as I’ll understand it with my poor English. If something is wrong or it’s necessary to correct or add info, just tell and I’ll fulfill it as fast as it’s possible.
I hope I’ll put all necessary comments at Github in 1-2 days.

Are you planning to make these into kits that you can buy and build yourself?

The project is open source and there are different ways to try ESPboy:

  1. The fastest way is to make it yourself with a breadboard and a few cheap parts from aliexpress or any other electronic parts supplier. No soldering at all.

  2. To solder a more reliable version at 30х70 breadboard using schematic at easyeda

  3. To order at easyeda special ESPboy PCB to solder all parts and avoid multiply wires. It’s possible to order completely or partially soldered device there.

  4. To buy an original partially preassembled kit to get unforgettable DIY experience (you have to solder only 4 parts)

  5. Buy a completely assembled device ready to play.

I believe I could make the page at during the next month or two.
Virus problem in China stopped almost all production and logistics (

Another important feature of the project is the online ESPboy firmware update catalog. It’s almost ready. ESP8266 has OTA mode to update the firmware from the web using built-in WiFi.


there is a bug in recompiled games with a smooth scrolling wide world like “Adventure” or “Hello, сommander”
the upper tile-line of the world draws after all 8 pixel height is on the screen.

  1. in “hello, commander” we don’t see smooth appearing of the tile from out of the border of the screen, but we see black till all 8 pix scrolls and it draws all tile of 8 pixels hight at a time

  2. in “Adventure” we see another strange effect at the upper tile-line

any ideas how to fix it? i suppose the problem should be somewhere in sprites.cpp - case SPRITE_MASKED: … or it’s in-game code?

I changed line 83 in sprites.cpp:

uint16_t xOffset, ofs;
int16_t xOffset, ofs;

This cures the clipping of the top 7 pixels, but maybe you should add some extra checks to avoid using negative array indexs.

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@ hartmann1301 problem fixed. thanks!

Arduboy games successfully ported to ESPboy:

  • Catacombs of the damned (MIT) by James Howard
  • Mystic Balloon (MIT) by TEAM ARG
  • Sirene (MIT) by TEAM ARG
  • Arduventure (MIT) by TEAM ARG
  • CastleBoy (MIT) by jlauener
  • Dark And Under (BSD-3-Clause) by Garage Collective (Cyril Guichard (Luxregina), Simon Holmes (Filmote), Pharap)
  • HelloCommander (MIT) by Felipe Manga (FManga)
  • Blob Attack (MIT) by TEAM ARG
  • Virus-LQP-79 (MIT) by TEAM ARG
  • Kong-II (MIT) by Vampirics and Filmote
  • LodeRunner (all 154 levels in a single game!) (BSD-3) by Simon Holmes (filmote)
  • MicroCity (GPL-3.0) by James Howard
  • SpaceCab (GPL-3.0) by by Stephane C (vampirics) and Simon Holmes (filmote)
  • The Curse Of Astarok (MIT) by Simon Holmes (filmote)
  • Rayne the rogue (MIT) by shdwwzrd
  • Squario (Proprietary) Squario by arduboychris
  • Circuit Dude (Proprietary) by Jonathan Holmes
  • Omega Horizon (Proprietary) by shdwwzrd

I double-checked, Rayne the Rogue is actually ‘MIT’ according to the GitHub repo.

Unfortunately Omega Horizon is definitely proprietary,
which is a bit disappointing.

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More Arduboy games successfully ported to ESPboy:

  • Space Battle - Trench Run (MIT) by Lucas Cardinali (lscardinali)
  • MicroTD (CC0-1.0) by drummyfish
  • Shadow-Runner-1.6.1 (MIT) by TEAM ARG
  • Evade (MIT) by Modus Create
  • Rooftop Rescue (MIT) by Bert van’t Veer
  • JetPac (Proprietary) by Mike McRoberts
  • Crates 3D (MIT) by Badja (original) & Brian (port)
  • Tamaguino AB (GPL-3.0) by Alojz Jakob (Port by KeyboardCamper)
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More Arduboy games successfully ported:

Man, its really coming along.