Yet another Pong clone

Yep, I made a pong clone.

EDIT: Here are some screenshots!

You have the choice between singleplayer and multiplayer, and the ball can bounce at an angle when it hits the paddle. The singleplayer AI is a little challenging but beatable. What I thought was pretty cool was how I didn’t use any floating point operations to animate the ball. Instead I did a bit of vector math and an adaptation of Bresenham’s line algorithm to make it smoothly animate across the screen.

It’s also on a GitHub repo, right here.

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first off i like how you can restart with a button press instead of power off power on.
added Serial.begin(9600); to line 14
and Serial.write(arduboy.getBuffer(), 128 * 64 / 8); to line 27
eneabeling @crait 's screen mirror :smiley:

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Nice to see that people are enjoying my game! I realized I still had some commits left in the develop branch so I drafted a new release after reading your post. Multiplayer and screen mirroring were added, so some of the images in your post may be out of date.

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multiplayer, im curious to see how that works :smiley: