Yet another snake clone


I just started coding for Arduboy but I don’t have one yet. Therefore I did not test my code and there are some issues I wanted to test on my own. Still I wanted to share the code with you. Someone might criticize it or use it to start their own game.
You can find the source code [here][1]
and clone it using

Don’t worry: Once I have my Arduboy I will create something better.

Edit: It is finished and has been tested on my devkit. Nothing fancy and really tiny, but it works. I am going to start with another game. This was a game for learning the essential stuff for me. ^^


Hey there, nice start. In your github repository you don’t include a copy of arduboy.h or arduboy.cpp. Your game source makes itself dependent on these files, so it’s a good idea to include those files within the git. You can copy and paste them into the working directory of your program after cloning the Arduboy repository or downloading them from Github.

Or you can checkout to dynamically link another repository to your own.
Something like:

git submodule add git://
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Thank you. Linking a Git Submodule sounds nice. I didn’t know, this is possible.

No problem, if you try it out, let us know how you like it. Ideally, when someone clones your repository, a user should be able to run your program without too much fuss. So all dependencies for the source should either have an installer through the system, or its included with your source… ideally of course ; )