Zenbox - Sandbox and little music toy

Hi! this is my entry :slight_smile: it is a simple sandbox simulator with a tone generator.


Normal mode
Cursor keys: Control gravity
B: Produce tone (hz based on x particles, duration based on y)
Hold B: Start/stop background score (based on y)
A: Switch to “drawing mode”

Drawing mode:
A: Add or remove pixel
B: Back to simulation
Hold A+B: Clear canvas

ArduboyZenbox.ino.leonardo.hex (47.6 KB)



I suggest you call arduboy.initRandomSeed() before sand.randomize(). Otherwise your particles will always follow the same pattern when the game starts.

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It would be better if you could hold down A in drawing mode to draw/erase multiple pixels while moving the cursor.

Erase or draw mode would be determined by whether the pixel under the cursor was set or not, respectively, when A was first pressed and held. Or, just invert each pixel as the cursor passes over it.

Yes, it is just part of “make it simple” topic. Because holding down to draw added couple of lines more but I agree it should work like that

I think (or would hope) functionality would be weighted heavier than code size, for judging.

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I know, I thought deadline was today morning, I’ll try to add that feature in the night. And also the random init :sparkles:

EDIT: Updated version now with improved drawing mode, random and background score indicator

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