Zooming Graphics for "Bash Buddies"!

What does everyone think about making a zooming bitmap/sprite model for the library?

I’d like to make/help with a game that might look a little something like Smash Brothers. Having a fighting game that zooms in when players get close together, and zooms out when they get farther apart.

Multiplayer using a host PC, so you could have as many as 4 Arduboys connected to one computer and using the USB serial to communicate between them.

It looks like Arduboy is going to CES this year!!! I think that having this game hooked up for people to play would be absolutly killer! I’d be so happy to show this game off that we would do promotion of whoever makes this game or contributes to the effort and do something special for you all.

Should this be part of the core library or is this zoom function too specialized that it should just be in it’s own game? Love to get your input. If anyone wants to take a crack at this, I’ll support it any way I can!


This sure sounds like an awesome idea though I wonder if it will work on the tiny Arduboy screen, Even in Smash Bros on 3DS it can be hard sometimes to see what’s going on. I wonder if it would be possible to have like an overview display on the computer and have a zoomed in personal view on your own Arduboy.

I’d love to help with this though I think it’s best I focus on Arduventure for now ^^’

Sounds like a job for vector graphics, bitmaps would get mangled beyond recognition I think.

On second thought, the bitmaps could be designed to be viewed at 1/2 resolution, with minor details visible at full resolution. Or just have 1:1 for zooming “out” and just zoom in when close together.

I’ve written code for scaling bitmaps without interpolation and it’s actually very simple, I’ll give it a shot on the Arduboy tonight.

How much time do we have to get this all together before CES?

I’ll hand draw some “screen shots” what I think gameplay could look like at the different zoom levels. Yes it would actually probably get down to a 4 pixel square possibly representing a player.

CES is January 4th :wink:

Thats the plan! Then for Maker Faire I could do the same setup and add a giant LED matrix to as the master display!! Muahaha as if I don’t have enough things to keep me busy! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I mean how soon before CES does this need to be finalized :sweat_smile:
I assume you want it tested before you put it out on the floor, I guess two months is more than enough time though.

Answering the initial question: The zoom function could definitely be part of the main library, I don’t see any reason for otherwise. It could be called like: drawScaledBitmap(x, y, *bitmap, width, height, scaleX, scaleY), or alternately use a pixel size for the new height/width. I’ll probably make both functions, one being a helper.

As long as it’s a day before shouldn’t be an issue, I mean obviously we would want to test it before hand but I can just reflash as needed.

This sounds like a veeeeery nice idea. :astonished:

Looks like vector graphics is going to be the way to go on this :smiley:

Yeesh, after I spent some hours working on this. :laughing:

Video of 17 32x19px sprites at 30fps with no slowdown, all being drawn with separate calls to drawScaledBitmap. The catch is that they can’t be scaled bigger than 1:1 (that function was tremendously slow).



New video, now with LED lighting so the Arduboy’s screen doesn’t look blue.

Is this what you had in mind, Bateske?

Thanks Ekem for the WebM feature, very convenient. :grinning:


My mind is superblown. That looks awesome. Thanks for using the webm :grin: :monkey:

That looks fantastic :smiley: Great work so far!
Also, how do you get such great recording quality?

Here is a suggestion for the Buddies!

From left to right: Robo from RoboDodge, Aquila from Mythic Flight, Squario, Lena from Arduventure, You from Glove, Shadow Runner and Reverse Mermaid.

What do you think? Do we have other Buddies?


Crushing it

Wow I was thinking about we would have to do this with vectors but here you’ve gone and pretty much got the whole engine.

I think the buddies should all be the same size sprite of course.

Do we have any kind of particle engine? I was thinking it would look awesome to do the effects with just a few pixels

Great now I can’t share it through social media ;| YouTube is better

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Just - so - much - win !!!

Why can’t you share it?

You can just link the webm file…

Vidya Link
To get the link, right click the video and select “copy video url”, it will look like:

It’s just a url, and was put on aws so can be shared easily.
It should auto embded in twitter and on facebook.

Or share the thread itself.
Zooming Graphics for “Bash Buddies”!

There may be something else you are after in using youtube, so let me know?

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Can I like this more than once?

That’s awsome!!

Hahaha, It’s really awesome how you bring up You as being an original Arduboy character! :smile: Honestly I didn’t know we already had such a sweet lineup. Arduboy allstars really is a possibility!