About Me
I’m currently a student in High School and I’ve always enjoyed technology/coding. I use home made kits for my Arduboy supplied by my school located in Australia

I am quite eager about something I enjoy, I am a cheerful and kind person and enjoy talking to those about coding subjects (Little shy though). I am a fast learner, my friends call me a nerd or a sweat (enthusiastic) with nerd stuff (Fact: Nerd isn’t an insult, it just means someone is jealous of your intellect :nerd_face: )

Coding History
I did some work on Unity in grade 7 and started Arduboy2 in Grade 9 and so excited to learn it, Grade 8 I did work on Python

Dream Job
I definitely want to aim for something around computers and robotics, something that presents a challenge and brings success in the long run, starting of small to something amazing is a thrill for me

Note to Any Young People Wanting to Start
In my opinion it’s a good idea to focus in school, I don’t enjoy some of my subjects but it’s best to try your hardest, focus for me is the hardest because I don’t find a challenge in Geography, Religion or English classes. My electives (Chosen classes) DTMAT and DIGTEC are my 2 favourite and you can probably guess why, DTMAT did include some coding but more design and creativity, I did DIGTEC in Grade 7, 8 & 9, Grade 7 was using Unity where I scored a beautiful A for my efforts (Sadly my game got deleted, I had bool functions to it but my teacher saw it and was impressed), Grade 8 I did Python coding, we had to make a text based game with a pyramid story thing, I really enjoyed that and it wasn’t even completed I planned for it to be that long, Grade 9 I am doing (some) coding in DTMAT and DIGTEC is an eh kind of subject, not as much coding as Grade 7 and 8, just Minecraft Education and some little robot things for now (Because of cough Corona cough -2020)